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La mascarilla Cinqro™ es la adición más reciente a la gama Respro&ref;. Se centra en la persona que “entrena en una ciudad”,  que “corre en una ciudad” o el usuario que hace múltiples deportes, durante los cuales las frecuencias respiratorias son normalmente más altas que la persona que viaja diariamente entre su casa y el trabajo de manera convencional.

Las dos nuevas válvulas Powa™ Elite de la mascarilla Cinqro™ permiten un flujo de aire más rápido al expirar con frecuencias de respiración elevadas, es decir, cuando te estás esforzando al máximo. Esto equivale a menos contrapresión, menos humedad en el filtro, mejor filtración y menor resistencia a la inhalación, todo lo cual resulta en mejor comodidad y rendimiento.

En el interior de la caja Cinqro™ hay dos filtros; uno ya colocado en la mascarilla y el otro de repuesto. Los dos que se incluyen son un filtro de partículas Hepa-Type y un filtro de químicos/partículas DACC™. El filtro Hepa-Type filtra polvo fino respirable submicrónico. Los filtros DACC™ filtran contaminantes primarios asociados con las emisiones de gases de escape de vehículos. Ambos son intercambiables, haciendo que la mascarilla Cinqro™ sea adecuada para una variedad más amplia de entornos, desde centros de ciudades hasta el campo.

Finalmente, los gráficos están diseñados para dar a la mascarilla un look deportivo pero no un aspecto que asuste.

Nota: esta mascarilla NO DEBERÍA utilizarse para APLICACIONES INDUSTRIALES donde se requiera un dispositivo que cumpla con la Directiva europea 89/686 o 89/656. Solamente debería utilizarse para reducir la incomodidad causada por la exposición a partículas no tóxicas si las concentraciones no superan el límite nacional de exposición permisible para el lugar de trabajo. Para los dispositivos que cumplen con la Directiva europea 89/686, vea nuestra gama de mascarillas EV aquí.

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Guía de tallas
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  • Hay dos tipos de filtro en cada caja Cinqro™
  • Filtro 1. - Filtro Sports Hepa-Type para condiciones polvorientas fuera de carretera
  • Filtro 2. - Filtro Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth (DACC™) combinado con una capa de filtro Hepa-Type para entornos urbanos
  • Las últimas válvulas Powa™ Elite para un mejor flujo de aire
  • Pinza de nylon irrompible para la nariz
  • Tres tallas, M, L y XL
  • Fijación fácil con Velcro®
  • Hecha de neopreno
  • Baja resistencia a la respiración
  • Pinza para la nariz autoajustable
  • 3 tallas garantizan un sellado eficaz para la mayoría de tamaños de adultos
  • Encaja sin problemas
  • Viene lista para usar (filtro Hepa-Type acoplado)
  • Duradera y lavable
  • Entrenamiento deportivo en la ciudad
  • Entrenamiento deportivo fuera de carretera

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I read all the instructions to use the cinqro mask, but it doesn’t say nothing about the state of the valve when you use it, I mean it has to be open or lock. I’ve used the mask with the valve locked and I would like to know if I´m right. Thanks in advanced.

RESPRO’NSE: The ‘lock’ is to secure the mask firmly in place so it does not fall out of the mask/filter.

Leí todas las instrucciones para usar la mascara cinqro, pero no dice nada sobre el estado de la válvula cuando se usa, quiero decir tiene que estar abierta o cerrada. Yo he usado la mascara con la válvula cerrada pero quisiera saber si estoy en lo correcto. Gracias de antemano.



I like the mask overall and it is easier to breathe through while riding my bike hard than my other Respro masks.  This mask does run small and it is difficult to keep in place.  I feel that the addition of an over the head strap would help that issue significantly.  I added my own to my other Respro masks, however, I am afraid if I attempt to sew a strap to the neoprene the thread will pull through. 

RESPRO’NSE:” Rebecca, thanks for your feedback. Great to hear the mask is working for you. The Cinqro™ will stretch after a little bit of wear and will feel less tight. I will send your feedback to our design team regarding the overhead strap”



The mask works very well in urban traffic polluted conditions.  The only minus is related about the nose clip. This clip is too tight on the bottom of the nose (nostrils) and practically blocks breathing through the nose. Without this weak point, the Cinqro mask would have been a perfect product.

Respro says;“The nose clip should to be placed on the upper bridge of your nose. It should not be near the nostrils! If it is, as you suggest, it will impact on your breathing for sure. Please view our video on how best to fit a Respro Mask”



Good mask and filters are easy to use and very efficient particularly the Urban filters (exhaust gases do not smell) . Using it every day and whatever the weather, it is resistant.
About design, after 2 months, stickers on the sides, peeled off and tore.

NB: Beyond what I was thinking above, Respro considered my inconvenience and sent me another mask to replace the damaged shell. Very good mask & customer service.”

Respro says; “We offer a years guarantee on our all our masks.Thank you for alerting us to this issue.”



It’s a perfect mask to wear on a high speed bike.



I bought an allergy mask from you first, which did not fit well as there were no measurements at the time in your web site for choosing the size and I chose ‘small’. It was too small and did not fit well. Then I won the Cinqro!! thank you so much! and this time the fitting instructions were very clear so it fits perfectly. I am very pleased with it. Before the mask I had to lock myself in one fairly pollen proofed room every morning from June to August. With the mask I can go out with no problems, and it is comfortable to wear. I am sure the plain allergy mask works just as well to filter the pollen but breathing through the Cinqro is easier.



I used to have the techno and thought the cinqro would work better, plus I liked the white color.  The new valves twisted off too easily and I lost one the first week.  The headband is also cut weird and thicker such that if you look down you loose the seal.  The cinqro has better airflow with the new valaves but the techno works better because it was stretchier and you could move your head all around (biking, working) without it gapping. 

RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for taking the time to post your review JC. We are sorry to hear you lost your valves so soon. Please contact customer services who will send you replacements. Incidentally, the Cinqro and the Techno Mask are dimensionally the same only the rear of the mask is different.”



Great product. Easy to adjust. Filters are easy to change and so efficient : where I live, in Paris, a few months ago we have had a few days of pollution peaks, that were so important that the authorities decided to stop car traffic for half of the cars circulating these days. My masks captured within a few hours the pollution of a whole month, the filter turning quickly brown. The other bikers I crossed those days were all affected by headaches or a slow breathing. Not me…



The difference, wearing or not wearing the mask, is evident. In the last 3 years I unfortunately developed a light type of asthma. Now, I bike in town, and if I bike for only 20 minutes I will cough and have noises in my lungs. With the mask, instead, nothing happens. I’m completely satisfied.



Have been wearing my cinqro for over 6 months now and I think its time to replace the DACC filter.  Soft cotton like fibers on underside of filter touching face are unweaveing a bit. Seems to filter just fine.  I ride 10 miles 5x/ week. that equates to 5 hours of riding with plenty of traffic.  What would I do without Respro - Suffer - been there done that.  I tell everyone who asks -  RESPRO Bro!



I bought this mask to replace an old Sportsta mask. I wanted to be more protected.
I think the Cinqro is stronger but it didn’t fit my face as the Sportsta did.

The filter seems to be very good. If you don’t have a very little face, take the L size.

RESPRO’NSE: “All our masks are made from the same size template so the L in the Cinqro is the same as the L in the Sportsta model. It must be the variation on the material.i.e the Sportsta will have more stretch as there is mesh on the side panels”



Good fit and relatively comfortable mask, but even the largest size is a little too small for me (i’m 6’4”). I have that problem with all brands though!

RESPRO"NSE:” For issues with fit contact customer services who will be able to assist”


Kayla B

When I moved to Manhattan from Queens I started to commute by bicycle from the upper east side to my office in soho. After a few days of riding down 2nd avenue I realized that I was weezing and hacking by the time I got to work. With a bit of research I found Respro and purchased the Cinqro mask.

Now I never ride in the city without it! I may get a couple strange looks but ending my 5 mile ride with lungs that feel fresh as a summer day is well worth it. Yes my face gets a bit of moisture, yes sometimes it can be annoying and hot especially in the muggy summer days here in NYC and yes it was expensive but being able to breathe is worth all of it and then some.



I already used respro before, but the cinqro realy has better performing while biking. Airflow is better and also stays ok while moisture gets in from breathing.



Very good mask, but i think the fitting is not perfect: i’m 1.80m and 65kg… so I ordered a M size, but this is à little short for me. I guess this is why it feels sometimes a bit hot in there. With concern to filtration itself: i’m really happy. Living in the center of Brussels, I feel how it is sparing my lungs! Also had a lot less problems with my allergies since i’m using it.



I wear my mask when I am running after receiving a diagnosis of exercise induced asthma.  I am a mouth breather when I run and the cold air was shocking my lungs causing attacks.  Since wearing it I have not struggled with asthma attacks and chest muscle pain from breathing too hard.  Now I combine it with the right inhalers and am finding no dips in my peak flow after a run.  It’s great in the summer not having to breathe in pollen and vehicle fumes thanks to the filters, although very warm to wear on hot days.  I would rather be hot than having an asthma attack though. I would recommend asthma sufferers trying a mask to help with the condition.



Since I use the Cinqro mask I don’t suffer anymore from my allery. It did take a while before I got used to wearing it. At the beginning I had pain at my nose. Hereafter I wore it a little bit more loose and I’m wearing it higher up on my nose. Now I wear it in the surrounding of car traffic while racing.
It’s also unhandy to eat and to drink and when it’s warm you sweat faster. On the other hand is it warm in winter.
After all I’m very satisfied with my purchase because it really decreases poor air quality.



Lost my techno mask and rode for a week in the city without any mask.  Lungs were feelin it.  Decided to upgrade to a Cinqro mask.  Cinqro fits a little better due to the softer more pliable carbon filter.  I only changed my techno mask yearly, we’ll see how long this cinqro carbon filter lasts.  i ride 10 mile 5x a week.  Wouldn’t ride without respro!

Respro says; “All filters in Respro masks are interchangeable. The filter in the Cinqro is the same spec as the Techno but the build is of a softer construction”



I wear it for a daily 40K commute and I haven’t had my normal coughing fits like I did previously without the mask at the end of the ride. Great product. I have had it a month now so let’s see how long it lasts!

Respro says; “We offer a years guarantee on all our masks. We recommend you change your filter regularly.”


Box of Stones

I am using the Cinqro Mask on my commute to work in London. Absolutely loving it!

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