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Red Mask

La mascarilla anticontaminación City™ ofrece protección contra la inhalación de polvo y olores molestos asociados con las emisiones de gases de escape de vehículos. El filtro (DACC) utilizado en la mascarilla ha sido específicamente desarrollado para filtrar una amplia variedad de polvo y olores molestos que suelen encontrarse en las grandes ciudades.  Las dos válvulas de exhalación Techno™ permiten que el calor, el dióxido de carbono y el vapor de agua no deseados sean expulsados, garantizando la función de la mascarilla a la vez que su comodidad.

Al igual que las demás mascarillas Respro®, tiene un diseño que se adapta al contorno para que “selle” de forma cómoda. Está fabricada de neopreno hipoalergénico.

En general, la City™ ofrece una solución a la inhalación de suciedad y polvo asociados con la calidad del aire urbano mientras realizas tus recorridos diarios.

Nota: esta mascarilla NO DEBERÍA utilizarse para APLICACIONES INDUSTRIALES donde se requiera un dispositivo que cumpla con la Directiva europea 89/686 o 89/656. Solamente debería utilizarse para reducir la incomodidad causada por la exposición a partículas no tóxicas si las concentraciones no superan el límite nacional de exposición permisible para el lugar de trabajo. Para los dispositivos que cumplen con la Directiva europea 89/686, consulta nuestra gama de mascarillas EV aquí.

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Guía de tallas
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  • Filtro de carbón activado con forro de filtro de partículas
  • Clasificación de partículas M10
  • Dos válvulas de exhalación Techno™
  • Fijación de Velcro®
  • Tres tallas
  • Hecha de neopreno
  • Ayuda a filtrar las emisiones de gases de escape
  • El calor y el vapor de agua del aliento exhalado se liberan a través de las válvulas
  • El revestimiento de la mascarilla es duradero y se puede lavar
  • Se coloca fácilmente y es completamente ajustable
  • Hacer ciclismo
  • Andar
  • Ir en motocicleta
  • Trabajar de mensajero

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I cycle almost every day in London and wasn’t sure if it was working until I forgot my mask the other day and nearly choked with the fumes and pollution once I hit traffic. Now I know how effective this mask is and how I have got used to breathing clean air since I got it.



Hey, i really value my mask although, since i took it apart to wash the filter it’s never been the same again, pity because i washed it not long after i bought it (being a clean sort of machine smile  type of person) aargh.
It does make me look creepily alienoid, which is fun, i got the blue one.
so, yeah, a good product but maybe only until it’s taken apart?

RESPRO’NSE:” Did you wash the shell of the mask or the whole mask? Personal hygiene is very important in the care of a mask so to prolong the life of your filter please follow the care instructions carefully. You can read more about washing your mask properly in our FAQ’s.”



love this product! I use it every day in the city. Been using it for the past 3 years and it’s been awesome and ever-lasting product.



Use it every day just fantastic!



Always cool, always useful, always super-quality!



I’ve been using the City Mask for about 5 years now and I have to say I’m delighted with it! I notice a massive difference in the amount I cough and produce phlegm during the day if I’ve cycled to work without it versus if I’ve worn it. My lung capacity is extremely important to me as I’m a fitness instructor and I also live in one of the most polluted cities in the world (London) so I know what I’m talking about! Before I started wearing the mask daily, I had a permanent ‘smokers’ cough which was not cool considering I don’t smoke! Now my lungs are in good condition. Additionally, I found it to be invaluable whilst I was pregnant as I continued cycling throughout my pregnancy and the mask helped to keep nausea from exhaust fumes at bay whilst protecting my unborn child from the chemicals present in them. The mask doesn’t keep out all smells so if you cycle past someone smoking you still get a whiff of it but it keeps out enough to keep your lungs healthy which is good enough for me.



i am happy with this mask. after 2-3 rides i fully accommodated with it and i enjoy riding with no breathing problems.
at first i had a little disconfort in the area of the nose, but after a few adjustments it fits ok.
I wonder if the mask it’s designed for breathing through the nose? Because for the moment i am breathing heavy throw the mouth. before this mask i was using a industrial mask for dust, and i wasn’t able to breath through nose.
as an advice for future, maybe you could add some silicon on the interior in the contact area with the nose.
i am 100% satisfied with the mask and i already recommended to my friends.
thank you !

RESPRO’NSE: “Make sure the nose clip in placed on the bridge of the nose, not the soft tissue, that way you will be able to breath freely through your nose”.



Having used the Respro masks for 15 years I am generally pleased with them. The new nose piece is an improvement and doesn’t oxidise and has lasted much longer. I have unfortunately managed to tear the neopreen strap (1st time ever), which I have managed to stitch together and had to repair a few times over the months. I also wash the entire nearly every week. boiling water for the filter and valves and entire mask, then I separate and wash the rest of the mask in warm water with very little soap. and rinse thoroughly.

Besides the torn strap which is a first, this is an excellent product and saves my pretty lungs from being destroyed by the polluted london traffic. I cycle pretty much every day into central london and if i dont use it then I get sick.

great product, keep it up.

RESPRO’NSE: “We are always happy to fix or mend any part of this product should it fail. Please contact our customer service team”



Lightweight and offers full protection without leaving marks on skin after prolonged use.  It makes a real difference to my London commute by motorbike.
Would recommend the City Mask if you want to reduce the nasties you breathe in.



Thank You Respro !
I’ve been using respro masks since 2006. First in Paris, then in L.A. and now in Clermont Ferrand (France).
My respro mask is like my underwear, when I forget it, I feel naked !
When I flew to L.A for work, I left it in France… I had to cycle each days in L.A. without it and my lungs were crying to death ! Thank you respro.
I still use it every day in my new city, Clermont Ferrand and I couldn’t do without, especially during winter when car engines are much stinking.


Valerie Deleue

I use the City mask roughly every morning during my daily bicycle commute to work in the city of Antwerp. Motorcars and the surrounding air are cold and the NOx&fine; dust saturated air is nicely filtered. The afternoons, returning from work I usually go without.

I gave up the fact that looking like an idiot with the mask. I use an extra buff to regularly cover up things as to not scare the neighbours and kids smile The buff condensates my breath so it’s not ideal, but OK.

The 60 hours filtering capacity is percieved correctly. But it’s hard to come up with facts…

The neoprene goes really narrow at the back where the velcro is and shows wear and tear signs on the neoprene. Please consider to revise the cutout, to make the smalles area slightly bigger.

Spectacles get fogged regularly, don’t know why, maybe look into the ergnomics of the from part of the design to make it fit even better!

No complaints, since I will live longer… Acute policy changes to reduce the amount of motorcar traffic is of course beyond the scope of your project and needs more strict policies…



I have been using the City Mask for years, now. It really takes out a lot of fumes from the air you breath.
Breathing is in no way impeded by the mask, no matter how hard you work.
The reflective coating on the mask is well noticeable in low light conditions.
Every so often police on motorbikes stops me to ask where to buy a mask for themselves.



+ good materials
+ easy maintenance
- neck strap could be improved adding some protection for the velcro strip (cotton scarfs get laddered by exposed velcro hooks)



These masks work great in the very dirty air of Ulaan Batar Mongolia.



Very happy with the product. No smell of Diesel anymore.

However, would propose to sell filters in larger sets than 2 (unless packaging effects performance). As there are not many stores around that stock them, it’s not convenient for me to check for them regularly.

RESPRO’NSE: “Why not consider buying two packs at a time? Postage is free!”



I’ve been using these masks for cycling for several years and I am genrally very happy with them. The only grumble about them is the colour and the general look of them. The grey is not a ‘girly’ colour and I get called all the names under the sun - the latest one being a terrorist!! With being a girl, the small size is quite big on me anyhow so it covers most of my face, which is why I guess I’m called such names. I would feel much more confident in wearing the mask if it was a bit more ‘feminine looking’ and possibly a different size for us girlies. Thanks.

RESPRO"NSE: ” Watch this Space!! More girly, fashionable colors on there way!!”



I have Reactive Airway Disorder RADs. I was confined to my home until I bought the City Mask. Thank you for a new lease on life.


Ishmael Simpson

I used to experience extreme headaches when riding to college on my bike. The polluted air in London has always had an effect on me which is why I decided to purchase this mask.

Honestly, do not just take Respro’s word for it. Head out and buy it. Good riddance to headaches and getting sick from all the polluted air in my city.



This mask was recommended for travel in India’s cities in an informative post by the (in)credible Kate Schutz, The Everyday Atelier! (

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