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La mascarilla Allergy de Respro® ha sido desarrollada pensando en las personas hipersensibles.

La sensibilidad a los químicos y las partículas que sufren algunas personas puede debilitarlas por completo. Los químicos y las partículas que inducen síntomas debilitantes son comunes y se encuentran en artículos cotidianos en entornos cotidianos.  Los agentes de limpieza, perfumes, pintura, humo de cigarrillos, polen, caspa animal, suavizantes y detergentes pueden tener un efecto grave sobre tu bienestar si eres sensible a partículas o químicos en el aire.

Todos los materiales utilizados en la mascarilla Allergy de Respro® se consideran inertes y es poco probable que provoquen una reacción alérgica. El material de la mascarilla es ultraligero y transpirable, lo que permite que la cara respire fácilmente, y está hecho de poliéster. Las válvulas Techno™ están hechas de polipropileno con diafragmas de silicona de grado médico. El filtro Hepa-Type, que también está hecho de polipropileno, filtra el polvo fino respirable submicrónico (menos de 1 micrón de tamaño).

Estos aspectos positivos, combinados con su rendimiento y comodidad, han hecho que la mascarilla Allergy de Respro® recibiera el premio “Producto antialérgico” de la British Allergy Foundation.

Nota:  esta mascarilla NO DEBERÍA utilizarse para APLICACIONES INDUSTRIALES donde se requiera un dispositivo que cumpla con la Directiva europea 89/686 o 89/656. Solamente debería utilizarse para reducir la incomodidad causada por la exposición a partículas no tóxicas si las concentraciones no superan el límite nacional de exposición permisible para el lugar de trabajo. Para los dispositivos que cumplen con la Directiva europea 89/686, vea nuestra gama de mascarillas EV aquí.

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Guía de tallas
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  • Aprobada por la British Allergy Foundation
  • Material suave y transpirable
  • Ultraligera y transpirable
  • Filtración Hepa-Type (menos de 1 micrón - más pequeñas de PM1)
  • 2 válvulas de exhalación
  • No contiene látex
  • Disponible en 4 tallas, XL, L, M, S
  • Clasificación de partículas M10 Submicrones < PM1,0
  • Cómoda y se adapta al contorno de la cara
  • 4 tallas garantizan un buen sellado para una amplia variedad de formas de cara
  • Adecuada para condiciones de calor y frío
  • Baja resistencia a la respiración
  • Limpieza del hogar
  • Grandes cantidades de polvo
  • Cambiar ropa de capa
  • Hacer jardinería
  • Limpieza de mascotas
  • Andar / jogging
  • Montar a caballo
  • Entrenamiento deportivo

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Fit is perfect. Unable to get size small in US. Had to order from UK, and it was worth it. Added POWA Elite Valve Pack and this makes the mask perfect for outdoor runs. I have severe seasonal allergies and had to give up being outdoors for two full years. The mask and fit has given me back a huge portion of my life.



Travelled to China (Beijing, Shanghai and Xian) with students last month.  The last thing I needed was my asthma playing up.  I bought this mask as a just in case and ended up using it a number of times.  The impact was immediate.  Not too hot to wear (despite humid climate) and was very easy to breathe, it even got rid of smells - very impressive! 

My one criticism is that the fitting around the nose was a little uncomfortable at times and needing readjusting during the day.

I am now planning to use it on ‘bad days’ during the hay fever season - because I know it will help!

The Respro team were really efficient in helping me select the correct mask and size and once ordered the mask was delivered very promptly.

Highly recommended



I just received the Allergy Mask and the CiNQRO. Neither one of them allow me to wear my glasses. Are your products only for people that don’t wear glasses?

RESPRO"NSE: ” We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty fitting your mask while wearing your glasses. Please contact our customer services (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) directly so they can advice you on how best to fit your mask depending on the kind of glasses you wear.”



Un grand merci, ayant des problème pulmonaire et réagissant à la pollution et à beaucoup de produit chimique, mon masque m’a redonné un peu plus de liberté



Hi I bought this hoping it would help me with whatever contaminants I was breathing in , there was some kind of chemical in the air that was giving me violent sneezing attacks in the early morning on my courier route. Whatever was in the air this mask did not help. I still sneezed profusely and I had severe mucus drainage filling up the mask. So i stopped trying to wear this mask. If i could match up the right filter i may need for whatever nanoparticles are in the air that would be great. Do you have a mask that protects people from Chemtrails/Geoengineering fallout? 

RESPRO’NSE : “While our standard Allergy mask comes fitted with a Hepa-type particle filter, given your circumstances, fitting your Allergy mask with a Chemical/Particle filter [] would provide better protection. The Chemical/Particle filter is a ‘combination filter’ consisting of two filter layers; the Particle filter (the same filter that is provided as standard with the Allergy mask) and, a layer of Activated Charcoal cloth. Known as ‘The Chemical and Particle Filter’, this filter provides both sub-micron particle filtration along with gas and vapour filtration. The filter is able to trap particles less than one micron in size.”



Pretty good mask. Helped me through the roughest part of the allergy time so far this summer.

Only thing i would take up as negative is that the mask size that was advised for me by size and weight is a bit too big, and I will have to move the Velcro so that it will close properly against the skin. Also, the Velcro on one side started to come off very quickly, meaning, the stitching started to come undone the first or second day.

Other then that i think the product is awesome, it is definitely less of a bother to walk around with a product that is marked as an allergy mask, as it makes the explaining of “why in the world are you wearing that mask”.

If i can make a suggestion to improvement, as i wear glasses this is the one thing that come to mind, the nose part is right in the way of where my glasses land on my nose, and makes it a bit difficult to wear my glasses, i either have to have them jammed into my nose and forehead, pushed in by the mask, or i have to have them balancing further out on my nose, limiting the field of vision for me. Looking at it myself, i dont have a brilliant way of improving it so that this would not happen, as there is a need for the metal piece there in order to keep the mask close to the skin, but i thought i would mention this, and perhaps one of your brilliant minds pops with a solution at the mentioning of this point wink

RESPRON’SE: ” Respro offers a warranty against defects in the first year, so please send a photo of your faulty product to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Regarding wearing your mask with glasses, it’s best to fit the mask first to get the correct fit with no seal leakage, then place the glasses in front of the nose clip on the mask. Glasses with adjustable nose pads typically allow a better fit than plastic moulded rims. Hang in there…most are able to quickly find an adjustment which will allow little to no misting up as the weather turns.”



I use my mask everytime I mow the lawn. My only complaint is there always seems to be a gap under my chin, where I am not protected. I have tryed to tighten the straps, but I think the flaw is in the design. Maybe making the straps high on the head or stretch like fabric to insure a tight fit.

RESPRO’NSE: “We offer free advice on fit. If you are unsure about the best size for you contact our customer services team.”



My multiple chemical sensitivities are escalating. I first saw Respro masks in a local rehab store in British Columbia. I wore a black Techno mask for months until I learned that Respro made a specific allergy mask. I ordered the allergy mask as soon as I discovered that such a product existed. What a difference it has made in what I am able to enjoy! I just went on my first cruise! When people ask about the mask, I explain my condition and happily refer them to Respro.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And thank you to Roger for immmediately correcting the error that was made in shipping my order -  he went above and beyond.



I bought this mask to use when cutting grass or strimming as doing so was bringing on asthma attacks. Since starting to use the masks I have had no problems at all with asthma when working outside.

The mask is comfortable to wear, and whilst it did get a bit hot and sweaty under it, the rest of me was also a bit a hot and sweaty.

RESPRO’NSE:” Thanks for your review Matt. Glad to hear you are now asthma free while using the mask and getting on with your outdoor activities”



My mother uses this product and she feels very comfortable with it. Maybe you can try to improve the shape of the mask to adapt it to skinny people.

Congratulations for your service.

RESPRO’NSE:” Good to hear your mum finds it comfortable to wear. The Allergy Mask also comes in a size S which fits small faces very well”



Very satisfied with my mask.



I have bought products from this site for my husband. He has asthma and allergies. Therefore, Respro Allergy mask filters air he needs for everyday life and journeys.
3 years, we take this mask and it has eased our lives.

Buy from this site. It is safe, reliable, even in another country (Ukraine) and very fast. Thank you for good job!



I cycle a fair bit in heavy, often poorly maintained traffic in Thailand, and found that the mask almost completely excludes even quite thick clouds of exhaust smoke.  My (dear) wife also found that it could satisfactorily be washed quite easily.  Very pleased.



Overall it’s pretty cool - comfortable, lightweight, and most importantly…it WORKS.  I wish they were a bit more fashionable though, especially since it looks like we’ll all be wearing them daily the way the world’s going! wink

RESPRO’NSE: “Our entry into the fashion market is just beginning so watch this space for some new cool mask designs. Coming soon!”



Good product. Does its job and it’s comfortable to wear. By the end of a 2hour bike ride, I have forgotten that I’m wearing it.



I bought it for my lady who suffers when she cuts the grass or works in the garden for extended periods. Lots of pollen from local pine trees causes streaming eyes and sniffles especially when sweeping it off the terrace.
Happily a great improvement when wearing the Allergy mask, no sniffles and much less eye issues. Small size means it fits her small face and its clean and comfy for her to wear when working. Gardening in the Spring has become a pleasurable pastime again. Thank you, Respro.



I have worn the Allergy Mask with the Techno Filter, due to the fact that the mask material is cooler than the Sportsta and Techno masks and am very pleased.
It works very well and eliminates a large amount of pollutants.
I have recommended the masks to friends and colleagues. Those that have bought masks are also pleased with the results.



Great mask, helps as I work as a Street Worker, and due to lung damage suffer greatly when in dirty areas etc…. my only neg is, I wear Glasses, and they permanently steam up, also use scarf and mask for Riding, as 90% of my work is done on a Motorbike over here in Germany, if you are redesigning, THEN glasses and eye protection needs to be considered…. ALSO White or Blue, most treat e as a AIDS Victim smile how about Black smile even for the Allergy mask…

Also rating, 5 is that high or low smile if low then a 1….


Joseph Kaplan

I purchased the Respro® Allergy Mask, Powa™ Elite Valve Pack, with Allergy Chemical/Particle Filter Twin Pack as I like to run outside but have allergies which make this difficult in the summer. I am really pleased with the masks performance with the combination which was recommended to me from one of the members of staff which was very helpful. The only negative would be with the design of the masks straps which go around the back of the neck and when tight constrict the blood vessels supplying the head; I would have liked to have the straps more like the Sportsta which cradle the back of the head/neck and are more supportive. 



I have severe environmental and food allergies, to the point where certain times of the year, if I am outside for more that 20 minutes, I can go into full anaphylaxis.

This mask is excellent at filtering out the allergens. That said, I find that I can only wear the mask for approximately 20 minutes at a time. I have to work quite hard to get the air ‘through’ the mask. It is perhaps because I’ve been sick for a couple of years, and I am very un-fit, and have predictably fragile lungs. After 20 minutes, the effort to breathe becomes too much for me, and I feel like I’m gasping for air.) it works very well when I can use it for short spurts (e.g. Going into a shop with lots of fragrances, handling some foods I’m allergic to. etc.). It does not work for long term (e.g. Going to a show, visiting a farm, flying on an airplane).

The only product complaint I have is the the fabric rubs my cheeks which can make my skin very ittritated, especially in the winter.

RESPRO’NSE: “Glad to hear your Allergy mask is allowing you to get out and about again. Why not try upgrading your valves to POWA Elite valves. They are from our sports range and are designed to allow air to flow more freely while breathing at elevated rates.”



EXcellent product which seems to be efficient enough.



I purchased this mask and particle filter to help with a severe reaction to chemical pollution which was rendering travel (by car and by air) near impossible. 

Your mask works!

I can travel to town and fly again!  Thank you!



I have multiple chemical sensitivities and need to wear a chemical filter mask when I go out in public. I used to use an industrial chemical mask, and though they work well, they are bulky and unsightly. I have tried other masks similar to the Respro Allergy Mask but found that they are less firm across the nose and don’t seal as well. I’ve been using the Respro Allergy Mask for several years and have found it to be a good quality product.



Efficient, but a bit difficult to breathe when cycling in the city (not sports cycling, ordinary cycling)

RESPRO’NSE: “If you change the valves to POWA Elite Valves you will find it much easier to breath while exercising. The Allergy Mask comes fitted with valves that are designed for more sedentary activities”



Good product but wish it was easier to get the x-large size.  Drop down menus only go to large and time constraints precluded going thru the extra steps (phone calls/ship from UK?) needed to get the better fitting x-large that I had previously bought.

RESPRO’NSE: “Our new website makes it quick and easy to order any size mask. We also still offer free shipping anywhere on the planet!! How cool is that?”



Does this model exist without the valves ?
These valves does not close automatically and completely when breating normally. When I do not breathe intensively, the valves are open and a lot of air enter from them without being filtered.

RESPRO’NSE: “Please contact customer services who will be more than happy to resolve your problem”



This mask saved my life last year, literally! I had 2 asthma attacks and couldnt even go in my garden. I live in France so we spend a lot of time outdoors. I wore the mask everywhere and was star at every summer bbq I went to. I made everyone laugh, but also, everyone could see how much it helped me to live a normal life. I am eternally grateful and am now ordering my new filters for this year.

Respro’nse:“Margaret, thanks so much for the feedback and for reconfirming what we know about our Masks;they work and they can change lives!

Visit our Pinterest board to see pictures of many more people who love their Respro® mask. Send us a one of you wearing your mask and well post it on Pinterest too”  smile


Joy Silver

I have brittle asthma and severe allergy problems.- perfumes,deodorants, aftershaves, chemicals, flowers etc. Last year I spent months in and out of hospital and eventually found the Respro site on line. I bought several masks and filters and have seen a great improvement. I believe that wearing this mask, whenever I get a whiff of certain smells, has gone a long way to help my improved health. Thank you.

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