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Red Mask

La mascarilla Sportsta™ de Respro® combina filtración Hepa-Type asociada con contaminantes submicrónicos como polen y otros tipos de polvo irritante con una ligera mascarilla aireada de Neotex. La mascarilla Sportsta™ ofrece máxima ventilación sin sacrificar filtración. Para maximizar el rendimiento del usuario, las válvulas de vanguardia Powa™ vienen de serie y son imprescindibles para cualquiera que ruede al límite.

La mascarilla Sportsta™ se puede utilizar en todos los deportes al aire libre donde haya presentes altos niveles de polvo no tóxico.

Nota:  esta mascarilla NO DEBERÍA utilizarse para APLICACIONES INDUSTRIALES donde se requiera un dispositivo que cumpla con la Directiva europea 89/686 o 89/656. Solamente debería utilizarse para reducir la incomodidad causada por la exposición a partículas no tóxicas si las concentraciones no superan el límite nacional de exposición permisible para el lugar de trabajo. Para los dispositivos que cumplen con la Directiva europea 89/686, vea nuestra gama de mascarillas EV aquí.

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  • Cómodo revestimiento de neopreno
  • Pinza de aluminio para la nariz
  • Sistema de válvulas de flujo de aire rápido Rapid Airflow Valve System (RAVS™)
  • Filtración de partículas de primera calidad (menos de 1 micrón)
  • Fijación de Velcro®
  • Tres tallas XL, L, M
  • Clasificación de partículas M10 Submicrones PM1,0
  • Baja resistencia a la respiración
  • Duradera y lavable
  • Filtra las emisiones de gases de escape y las partículas submicrónicas
  • Se coloca fácilmente y es completamente ajustable
  • Garantiza un sellado eficaz
  • Ir en bicicleta de montaña
  • Correr
  • Montar a caballo
  • Hacer snowboard
  • Hacer motocross
  • Esquiar
  • Andar rápido
  • Hacer alpinismo

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I live in Arizona and have a woodshop in my garage.  There is a lot of dust from sanding and cutting.  The Respro mask works great. I have no breathing problems at all and I’m able to work in my shop all day.  Thanks Respro!



Respro is the most comfortable mask on the market. I think I’ve tried almost all of them.



I always wear my Mask when I ride my bicycle in traffic or even while running. I’m on my third Sportsta Mask.  I left the second one in a rental car accidently.  The first one I use around the house when I paint, glue, or clean the cat litter box… My filter of choice is the Aero carbon and hepa combo. I ride my bike, a P-38 recumbent, to and from work everyday and daily Mass Monday through Saturday. These masks last for a long time, around five years for me.  The Sportsta Mask fails when the wetsuit material decomposes at the rear of the side vents and the nylon outer surface stretches and the fit suffers.  One can’t tighten the mask enough anymore.  I have had to sew the vent mesh back on and run many long strands of thread over and across where the rubber inside has decomposed.  Maybe Respro can come up with a solution to reinforce this area and make it more durable and resistant to sweat. Also do a better job of sewing the vent mesh in as it has always come apart in every Sportsta Mask I’ve had. Overall though, a must have product for the urban commuter! Thank you, keep up the great work!

RESPRO’NSE: “Kevin, great to hear you are using your Respro® mask on a regular basis. They are an essential piece of kit for Recumbents as you are in the direct firing line of exhausts fumes from vehicles. And getting 5 years out of 1 mask which has had daily usage is pretty damn good in our book! Neoprene has a lifespan and it will eventually perish due to variations in air temperature as well as general wear and tear of the product. We always promise to replace broken parts if any part of the product breaks within the first few years but sadly it won’t last for ever. If it did we’d be out of business wink



Great mask, I love it. I use it when airbrushing my illustrations with water based paints only. It works very well for light to medium spraying although I need a Respirator for really heavy spraying. I have to fit the mask up on the back of my head otherwise it slides down and doesn’t give a good seal around my nose and mouth. It is very easy to use and to change the filters. It’s comfortable to wear although it does hurt my ears after an hour or two. Most important it works and protects my lungs from paint particles. Also my glasses don’t mist up when I use it.



I like that there were more colors of masks.
The black color attracts a lot of sun and warms

RESPRO’NSE: “Have you seen the Pink Sportsta yet?  We are also adding another great colour to the range soon. Watch this space”.



I like the mask. Easy to put on and it fits good.



My “go-to” essential for the smoggy Los Angeles air! I have been using a Sportsta mask for close to 20 years and I can truly say that both my lungs and sinus are much better off. True, it’s a bit warm but it just plain works. I will be a lifelong user! They are not cheap but still way less than a lung transplant!!



This mask really helps me get through the allergy season. Biking and running gets me out of breath quickly without it. A big improvement to my quality of life!

Maybe it is the shape of my face, but the mask seems a bit loose around the chin. A second strap above the ears might help to pull it a bit tighter there. Nevertheless, good job; keep improving!



Très bon produit, efficace pour une utilisation pour déplacement en vélo dans grande ville. Pour aller au travail.
Very good product, I use it for travel in the city. To go to work.



Very plessed, decent fit.  I don’t seem to get as hot and I can breath when its hot.  Was able to take out filter and clean easily.  Neighbor asked me where I got it.


Giovanni Iapichino

Your mask is very good. I wear it whenever I bike in Palermo (Sicily) and it protects very well from car pollution.



Would prefer the back head strap wasn’t only around the neck.  Maybe a loop that goes around the ear in addition to keep the mask from feeling like it is going to drop down. 

RESPRO"NSE: “Thanks for the suggestions Russel. I will forward them on to our design team”



The Sportsta Mask is great as it enables cycling during the pollen season even though I’m allergic. I’m also allergic to dust but I’ve arranged comfortably dusty things such as old piles of clothes and cleaned dusty places with the mask on. Inhaling gets a bit hard when cycling uphill but then again, I wouldn’t be able to cycle at all without the mask during the worst pollen season.



I have had asthma and allergies since I was little. I used to take some pills daily year round to keep it managable. One flight of stairs was enough to keep me breathing heavily for 10 minutes. Then I found that daily cycling helps. Then I found daily cycling with Respro Sportsa helps several times more effectively. I am not sure why, it just works that much better. My polen alergies are off the scale and yet I do not need any medication most days if I start the day by 40 minuts cycling to work with the mask on. I can live like a normal person thanks to this mask, not constatnly thinking about my health. So thank you Respro, you really made a difference in my life.



I have been using the Sportsta Mask for running for a couple years.  I live in West Africa, where the seasonal Harmattan dust that blows down from the Sahara fills the air with dust.  I had used a 3M dust mask before I got the Sportsta, and am pleased the the Sportsta Mask is much easier to breath through than the 3M mask.  I run in the heat, and although the mask gets sweaty and needs rinsing, I do not find it too hot for use even on hot, sunny days.  I have put in the Techno filter in the mask, and find this to be a comfortable and useful mask, even with a beard.



Have had my sportsta mask now for a number of years and it never fails to disappoint.  Since upgraded the filter material to Techno when I needed replacements.  Tend to wear my mask more in the winter months as the cold air used to effect my chest and start of my asthma.  But not anymore whilst wearing this mask on my commute to and from work, no longer am I wheezing at the end of each journey.



The Sportsta mask is amazing!  It is comfortable, easy to use, and keeps all the tiny micron particles out.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone living in SLC.

I was so happy to learn about Respro, as I ride my bike to work year round in Salt Lake City, and am afraid of the inversion and the ill effects it has on one’s health.

Thanks Respro!  I hope you get many more vendors to sell your masks in SLC, as your masks are ‘the BEST.’



I use the Sportsta mask and Sportsta filter. I really have noticed the difference between running 10km with and without it around Changsha, China. Without it, it has felt like my lungs are full of sand when I finished!

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